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05.31.17 Gravity Bill

    Alas, there is no gravity bill, as there is no bill for the sun producing vast amounts of energy.  The creativity of Calvin, in his solution finding for getting out of having to do his homework for school, stands in contrast, I would claim, to so many in the world who still seek […] Read More >

04.13.17 Ah, Vienna! Passive house gets active on energy efficiency finance

Ah, Vienna! Passive house gets active on energy efficiency finance The movement towards energy efficiency financing continues to gather pace – and now the international passive house community are joining in. Taking place on 25 April, the Vienna Energy Efficiency Finance Forum kicks off the International Passive House conference week.  “We’re aiming to make energy […] Read More >

03.15.17 International Energy Efficiency Finance Forum – Vienna

International Energy Efficiency Finance Forum Vienna, April 25, 2017 REGISTER The Finance Forum is an interactive event that aims to develop a community financiers dedicated to making energy efficiency the new normal across the globe. The workshop will provide a forum where investors and contractors can learn from each other in order to foster future […] Read More >


better, Inc. and its partner The Intertribal Council on Utility Policy are participating at the international Business and Climate Summit 2016 in London, England, on the 28th and 29th of this month, with joint representation by Mr. Robert Gough, Esq.      Read More >

06.13.16 NAPHN Conference – Come by our Booth #17 Read More >

02.19.16 NET POSITIVE ENERGY + WATER CONFERENCE featuring keynote speaker: JOHN TODD

ABOUT NET POSITIVE The International Living Future Institute is hosting its third annual Net Positive Energy and Water Conference, dedicated to the exchange of technical expertise, bold strategies and provocative case studies—all aimed at accelerating the global shift toward Net Positive Energy and Water buildings and communities. In the past few years, net positive energy […] Read More >

01.04.16 Passivhaus Tradesperson Training & Certification

Read More >

12.08.15 COP21 Buildings Day

Towards a Global Alliance for Building and Construction Read More >

10.26.15 Adelaide joins race to become world’s first carbon neutral city

South Australia aims to attract $10bn in low-carbon investment as part of ambitious new strategy and will seek to attend UN climate talks in Paris  The South Australian government is launching a new strategy to decarbonize its economy and has set a goal for Adelaide to become the first carbon neutral city in the world. […] Read More >