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Expertise Nexus

better collaborates with academic, private sector, and NGO organizations at the forefront of the development of resiliency policy to initiate and build advanced and highly innovative buildings/infrastructure necessary for the climate constrained world of today. better co-hosts major global conferences and regional symposia to advance the discussion of equity, construction innovation, and sustainable design. The goal is to transform finance in service of climate resiliency/sustainability as a foundation to resiliency policy. better hosts and produces a broad spectrum of training and education programs. This education program leads to the serial mastery of the entire built environment team, from planning through construction and commissioning, and finally to operation of the structure.

At the core of this transformation is the Expertise Nexus. This nexus is comprised of organizations and individuals that can provide the experience and knowledge necessary to realize the vision of a resilient and sustainable built environment.

View entire November 2013 symposium, Financing an Equitable and Resilient Future here.

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