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The projects by Lang Consulting and Photonica illustrate what is possible to achieve with the partnership between committed clients and our extensive group of other construction industry colleagues. We work to advance the delivery of high-performance, high quality, and low-ownership cost buildings by consulting on strategic planning and design/engineering to clients, owners, financial institutions, and designers/engineers. In addition, we provide training to the trades and construction professions to upgrade their own capabilities to produce the highest performance sustainable buildings.

Urban Municipal Canal Restorer / China

Fuzhou, a city of 6 million people, empties its commercial wastewater and sewage into an 80 kilometer network of canals throughout the city before emptying into the Minjiang River. The polluted canals are a health risk for the city’s inhabitants and threaten the livelihood of fishing communities downstream. A 600-meter canal named Baima, considered one of […] Read More >

Omega Center for Sustainable Living Eco-Machine / New York

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY John Todd Ecological Design  In 2003 The Omega Institute came to John Todd Ecological Design interested in options for wastewater treatment at their campus in Rhinebeck, New York. These discussions soon became more than just wastewater treatment and together we began conceptualizing a design of an ecological bio-shelter that would sustainably treat […] Read More >

Fisherville Canal Restorer / Massachusetts

John Todd Ecological Design Inc. Sustainable water management   The Blackstone River flows through what was the heart of the American industrial revolution. Its banks were lined with impoundments, canals and water-powered mills. The Fisherville Canal Restorer is located downstream of long active mill site with a complicated but telling history. The Fisherville Mill site had […] Read More >

Pettenbach / Austria

First single-family house retrofit to Passive house

The unprecedented reconstruction of older one-unit buildings to the standards of passive house.

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Schwanenstadt / Austria

First school building retrofit to passive house results in significant energy reductions

General rehabilitation of the General Secondary School II and the Poytechnic School using prefabricated timber wall elements and a newly developed ventilation system optimised for schools.

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Salzkammergut / Austria

One of the First Passive Houses in Austria

Built as one of the first passive houses in Upper Austria, the house was presented with the award “House of the Future” in 2000.

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Great Plains / USA

Efficiency Project

Efficiency house design for the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, energy efficient housing for Great Plains tribes, USA.

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Great Plains / USA

Straw Project

Strawbale house design for the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, energy efficient housing for Great Plains tribes, USA.

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Oslo / Norway

Årvoll Gård Project

Feasibility study and upgrade alternatives report for the Årvoll Farm building complex, Oslo, Norway.

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