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01.26.18 Artists tackle Climate Change in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Come join us as our founder David Benjamin host a panel on Saturday.Join the Event Read More >

05.31.17 Gravity Bill

    Alas, there is no gravity bill, as there is no bill for the sun producing vast amounts of energy.  The creativity of Calvin, in his solution finding for getting out of having to do his homework for school, stands in contrast, I would claim, to so many in the world who still seek […] Read More >

04.13.17 Ah, Vienna! Passive house gets active on energy efficiency finance

Ah, Vienna! Passive house gets active on energy efficiency finance The movement towards energy efficiency financing continues to gather pace – and now the international passive house community are joining in. Taking place on 25 April, the Vienna Energy Efficiency Finance Forum kicks off the International Passive House conference week.  “We’re aiming to make energy […] Read More >

04.19.16 Come join us!

Passivhaus Finance Dinner The partners of better, Inc. cordially invite you to an exclusive finance dinner in Darmstadt Germany, the night before the International Passivhaus Conference, the world’s premier annual event for state-of-the-art, sustainable property development. This evening is meant to foster lively conversation about the current state of project finance and the outlook for […] Read More >

12.08.15 COP21 Buildings Day

Towards a Global Alliance for Building and Construction Read More >

10.26.15 Shifting Priorities in the American Housing Market

Author: David N. Benjamin, PhD Being in the business of enabling the construction of sustainable, energy efficient buildings in North America, the team at better and I are interested in the reviews that housing inhabitants provide about their housing. We take a particular interest in regards to the quality of the construction, the energy/water efficiency, […] Read More >

10.12.15 Economical Passive House for Students in Record Time

After a record-breaking short construction time of only one week, the student accommodation “PopUp – GreenFlexStudios” for 40 students was built in Aspern – Vienna’s Urban Lakeside. It proves how fast and cheaply the highly energy – efficient passive house standard can be constructed. Moreover, this flexible pioneer project helps to save a majority of […] Read More >

06.19.15 Günter Lang: Implementation of NZEB’s on national levels

Günter Langs presentation at the European Union- Sustainable Energy Week Brussels, Belgium Read More >

05.11.15 Monetary Benefits of Ambitious Building Energy Policies

Several recent reports, (McDonald and Laustsen 2013, Ürge-Vorsatz et al. 2011, 2012a, 2012b, Bin and Jun 2012, Næss- Schmidt et al. 2012) have demonstrated the magnitude of energy and emission saving opportunities that can be realized through advanced and accelerated building energy efficiency retrofits and construction of highly efficient buildings. The aim of this report […] Read More >

05.08.15 User Manual For Passive House School Buildings

This users manual for Passive House School buildings using the example of the Wilhelm-Oswald-Gymnasium constitutes a first and important milestone for the whole evaluation process. Not only concrete instructions for building occupants will be given (chapter 6). The manual should also provide staff of the building authorities and building management units with profound knowledge on Passive […] Read More >