Building Energy Efficiency

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Mission & Vision

From strategic planning and design, to project financing, better helps its clients to achieve their goals of highly energy efficient buildings and communities worldwide.

Global Climate Change (GCC) is an issue that has, over the last five years, become a priority for business and government leaders. The challenges of GCC span a wide spectrum: weather and disease vector changes, climate migration, sea-level rise, freshwater aquifer destruction, increase of flooding and other extreme weather events. International organizations and most governments agree that there should be a plan to take immediate action. The goal is to adapt to these changes and to mitigate further climate change.

The construction and real-estate industries have become key sectors for improving overall environmental and social benefits. These necessary changes to building construction will provide opportunities for firms and governments to realize financial returns on diverse climate related investments. Such investments made in the short term will also have a cascading effect ranging from enhancing the capital value to improved quality of life.