Building Energy Efficiency

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Facts and Figures

The state of affairs: business as usual is not an option

Throughout the world, both population growth and the demand for more buildings and environmental services are increasing to the point where the carrying capacity of the earth is being severely challenged. Since the construction sector accounts for over 30% of all energy used, approximately 40% of GHG atmospheric emissions, over 30% of global resource consumption, and approximately 40% of global refuse generation, changes to the way we build buildings and cities are necessary.

Fortunately, green buildings have already proven that they make better returns for investors and owners and make for healthier, less costly-to-own workplaces and homes. Most scientists, engineers, and policy makers, such as the IPCC, now agree that the formerly accepted goal of 450 ppm atmospheric CO2 will likely not produce a safer world, and that we need to cut emissions and remain well below this figure. (World Bank, 2011; world Resources Institute, 2011; Wikipedia, 2011; International Energy Agency, 2011; IPCC, 2007).